I’m Susan MacLeod, visual artist, graphic facilitator and cartoonist.


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Graphic Memoir

My graphic memoir is a gentle, humorous reflection on navigating my mother through a callous long-term care system for nine years, a system I once promoted as a government spokesperson! Called Daughter of the Near Dead: Life Lessons Learned in the Lost World of Nursing Home Care, I use charming visuals to offer insight on strained systems and families, and how to cope. A welcome read for anyone supporting someone in eldercare or interested in healthcare systems.
Stay tuned for more.

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Graphic Facilitation

I draw large images with colour on mural size paper during meetings, conferences, keynote speakers or simple conversations. Together with words, the images give people a new perspective and help with listening, feeling heard, and remembering later. Fun to do and fun to watch.


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I can draw quick portraits in real time that can be slipped into a frame and given as speaker gifts on the spot. And I can do more formal portraits. Pen, ink, gouache and watercolour are my preferred media. Currently, I’m doing portraits of authors at their book launches.


Humans of Saint Vincent's

There’s a lot going on in a nursing home. I capture it with quick drawings that illustrate the spirit of the residents and caregivers at Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s a personal passion.




Some random drawings and cartoons apropos of nothing really.