Let's do a workshop!


Graphic Recording: You Too Can Do It

In this hands-on, light-hearted workshop, I teach simple ways to make visuals that communicate, how to listen for key material, how to organize as well as techniques for capturing the eye. From 45 minutes to four hours, I can tailor this workshop to meet the needs of your situation. (The longer the workshop, the more practice people have.) References available.


Liven Up Your Flip Charting with Visuals

I teach simple techniques with colour and visuals that will make your flipchart report easy to do, read and understand. This hands-on workshop can be done in 45 minutes, two hours or anywhere in between to fit your session’s needs.



Susan has quite the gift for making the whole room feel comfortable at play! Not only that, 12 out of 14 participants self-reported increased confidence to record quickly and accurately. I hope that we will see this skill used more and more to facilitate open discussion in Bermuda’s non-profit arena.
— Kimberley Moore, Programme Officer, The Centre on Philanthropy, Hamilton, Bermuda